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life is strange

there are currently almost eight billion people on Earth,

and no one knows how we got here

or what to do about it now

in the twenty-first century 

of the gregorian calendar's 

common era.

certainly, life has always wondered

and looked towards philosophers, poets, painters, dancers, and music-makers 

to provide answers to humanity's greatest questions, like:

"why isn't the wifi working?" or

"do you think I can fit my whole foot in my mouth?"

yet it feels like we keep getting further from signal

or able to actually taste our ankles...


so we laugh 

and relax into time well utilized

with tools for reaching towards self and back out again 

as energy only changes form, never dies entirely, just becomes something else

like every  sound we make causes ripples in the space around us

and eventually returns a new experience 

beyond words which aim to quantify

the limitless interconnectedness of all things

while music is that unspeakable vibration just vibrating 

in our brains developing new pathways to understand information

and filter experience into perception past the surface of our

emotions, thoughts, ideas, or ability to understand completely

because very tiny creatures in the cosmic scale we are

ants and molecules and subatomic lovers amidst the great waves of order

   and chaos and

        we are supermassive stars ready to burst and become new life on earth again affecting everything around us with every passing moment; we are important.

not because someone says we are or because we measure up to society's terms of success, but because we are weaving meaning for ourselves

as every movement is already magical music,

so we laugh

and paint               
  with hammers



because handpan building is a search for balance,

the beauty of living can be found in the unspeakable nuance of all things,


and there is joy in sharing music with others. 

Videos of instruments for immediate sale

will be posted as we continue to produce them.


Prices vary as each piece is handmade and individual by nature.


If you resonate with a specific scale,

we are open for commission

within the current capacity of our shop.


If you're new to the ever expanding world of steel sound sculptures, 

feel free to send us a personal message with any questions. 

Harper's Handpans are built by

Jeremy, Jason, Mike, and Lora Harper

in Lake Havasu, AZ

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